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New Found Glory have announced new tour dates in Southeast Asia for February 2015. Commencing on February 6th, the tour goes through Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand before ending on February 12th in Singapore.

Upcoming Southeast Asian Tour Dates:

February 6th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bentley Music Auditorium (Indoor)
Tickets: http://www.mcmticket.com.my

February 8th – Manila, Philippines, Skydome
Tickets: http://www.smtickets.com/

February 10th – Bangkok, Thailand, Live House Studio
Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/livehousebkk

February 12th, Singapore, SCAPE Warehouse
Tickets: http://www.newfoundglory.peatix.com/

Check out the music video for the band’s new single, “Stubborn”.


Live music punters rejoice!

GigOut! is a mobile app that provides its users with the latest concert information in-app ticketing purchasing and even the ability to check out who’s also going to the show! GigOut! currently aggregates music concerts/events in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Hong Kong.

GigOut! is now available for free download via the Apple App Store with Android and other platforms to follow soon.

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Laughing It Up With Rivermaya! (by Jeanette Chin)

Last Saturday (18 Aug), I had such a fun time interviewing 4 members of Rivermaya at the Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, before their show got started. These guys are so playful, and they’re such a laugh to be with! As I was sitting down to interview Mark Escueta (vocals/guitar/djembe), Mike Elgar (vocals/guitar), Norby David (vocals/bass) and Ryan Peralta (drums/keyboard), they started asking me a whole bunch of questions instead, and got me thinking, “Hey, wait a minute here, so who’s interviewing who??” Very quickly though, they got settled in to answering my questions, punctuating their replies with lots of laughter, and before we knew it, time was up! They were out the door for their soundcheck, leaving me with a great big smile on my face, as I hit rewind on my voice recorder to listen to this…

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Photo by Joser Dumbrique

Twee pop powerhouse The Camerawalls is back with a new single – “Wanderlust” and an upcoming South-East Asian tour. As is typical from any music coming from Clementine and company, “Wanderlust” is a tasty slice of 80s indie pop heaven, with jangly guitars, jazzy chords, sweet harmonies and fragile melodies.



As previously noted, this year’s coverage of Baybeats here at Power of Pop has been muted, mainly because of my mentoring of the Esplanade Youth Budding Writers which I hope will provide the definitive coverage of Baybeats 2011 for all posterity! Not only that but management duties with the Sons also meant less time watching bands and artists. But of what I did manage to see, here are my highlights.

Noughts & Exes

I caught this Hong Kong folk-pop band back in May for Music Matters and was impressed by their eclectic style, arrangements and presentations. The set at the Arena was truly well put together and provided a respite for those suffering from delay and metalzone pedal fatigue. Front man Joshua Wong has a remarkable voice that grabs your attention straightaway and their use of violin, melodica and typewriter (!) helps to keep things interesting. It did not hurt that there was additional eye candy in the form (pun intended!) of singer Karmen Cheung (subbing for the absent Kerri-Anne Butler) which gave the band a strong sonic and visual appeal! Word is that Noughts & Exes have been signed to US indie label Spectra Records, which is incredible news and hopefully the start of great things for this deserving band.

Hollywood Nobody

I was at the Observation Deck as this Indonesian band was interviewed and was charmed by their humble manner, albeit slight geeky (if I may say so). But once they started performing they were transformed into one of the coolest twee pop bands I’ve seen in the region. I latter saw them at the Chillout Stage and in full band mode, they were even more impressive. One to watch out for.

Turbo Goth

To be honest, I did not fully catch this photo-genic duo (from the Philippines) in action but I listen to them soundcheck and finish off their set (before the Sons) and I found that for a two-piece, they certainly filled up the stage properly. Also could not help but notice singer Sarah Gaugler’s nose-bleed high heels! She certainly made the Arena stage her own! Keep an eye out for Turbo Goth.

The rest, I had snatches of viewing here and there and to be honest, not that much impressed too greatly. The trademark ‘Baybeats’ sound was never my thing anyways (look at the bands I mentored last year!) and so the slightly different sonic approach is always going to get my attention. And to those lamenting the lack of Western (read: Caucasian) bands/artists, I think it’s about time Asia stands up to acknowledge that our bands are good as any bands anywhere in the world. So is it about the music or something else more sinister? Kudos to Baybeats 2011 for setting itself apart from the numerous indie rock festivals in Singapore and beyond.

Asian rock rules!


Since their Baybeats Music Festival performance in 2009, Taken By Cars have been heavily promoting their debut album, with many gigs in and out of Metro Manila.

With changes happening within the band (Isa and Siopao got married!), the band managed to find time out of their personal lives to head into the studios to write and record ‘Dualist’, their highly anticipated sophomore album, with the help of Mong Alcaraz (of Sandwich and Chicosci) and Shinji Tanaka (Soundcreation Studios) doing production and engineering duties.

The journey of their personal experiences and changes were translated into a more upbeat and personal album, with elaborate musical layers to each their songs and a maturity in their songwriting and the arrangement for all the songs on the album.

For those who have heard of their debut album, Endings Of A New Kind, you can expect a more enjoyable audio experience, a richer sound, intricate beats over lush vocals and lyrics that remain in your head long after the song has ended. Dualist still retains the feel-good, dance vibes of Endings Of A New Kind while adding more intricate facets and layers to their song crafting and songwriting.

Overall, I really like their sophomore album, with favourites from the album being Intermission, Unidentified, Sea Bass and This Is Our City.

Taken By Cars will be launching Dualist on June 10, 2011, 8pm at Home Club. Tickets would be sold for $15 Admission + 1 drink & $25 Admission + DualistCD + 1 drink at the door. Be there for the one-night only launch!

(Rebecca Lincoln)


(Press release)

SQNC is proud to present Manila’s very own TAKEN BY CARS. TAKEN BY CARS will perform a one-night only concert at HOME CLUB (Singapore) on Friday, 10 June 2011. This will be the band’s Singapore Album Launch for their latest album “Dualist”, released 15 April 2011.

Tickets are sold at the door.

Event Title: SQNC Presents “DUALIST”, Taken By Cars Singapore Album Launch Event Date: 10 June 2011 Event Time: Door opens at 1930hrs Event Address: Home Club 20 Upper Circular Road, B1-01/06 The Riverwalk Singapore Tickets: $15 – Admission + 1 drink // $25 – Admission + “Dualist” CD + 1 drink

Gate ticket includes entrance to BEAT! Opening Acts: Plainsunset (SG) + A Vacant Affair (SG)


TECHY ROMANTICS Touch (Party Bear)

When I first saw Philippine trio Techy Romantics at Baybeats 2010, I was struck by how much it seemed to be a hybrid of electronic music and twee pop! With Dondi Virrey manning the machines, Ryan Villena playing guitar and Camyl Besinga singing on top, it all just seemed perfectly engineered to present the best of technology and romance. Voila! Techy Romantics, indeed!

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THE CAMERAWALLS Bread And Circuses (Lilystars)

Simply put, this EP is one of the most accomplished pure pop music that South East Asia has produced in 2010. Composed of Clementine (vocals/guitars), Law Santiago (bass) and Joseph Rudica (drums), The Camerawalls is a Philippine band that has been around for about three years and this EP contains five strong reasons why classic pop fans need to sit up and take notice.

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Bread & Circuses is the name of the new EP from Philippine band Camerawalls. Those of you who caught the band at this year’s Baybeats Festival would be familiar with its pleasing evocation of 80s twee/jangle post-punk reminiscent of The Smiths, Orange Juice, Felt, Belle and Sebastian etc. Well, I have just received the EP from band leader Clementine and fans of good old fashioned melodic pop-rock will absolutely love the gorgeous music of the Camerawalls. Review to come…

Official Site


SABRINA I ♥ Acoustic Too… (Universal)

Can you imagine something more suitable for the Singapore market than this wonderful album? Acoustic covers of well-known popular radio-friendly songs sung by a sweet-looking Flipina? I mean it’s a (wet) dream come true for mainstream Singaporean music fans – covers sung by a pretty female non-Singaporean: yeah, count me in! And the album sleeve even sets out the original artists of the songs covered – how convenient!

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(Answers by Roll Martinez)

Who are Parenthesis and how was it formed?

Parenthesis is composed of Roll Martinez (Vocals/Guitars/Piano/Synths/Ukulele), Jio Clavano (Guitars/Vocals), Poch Villalon (Bass/Vocals), Kaka Quisumbing (Drums/Percussion) and Chino David (Violin/Keyboards/Vocals). We were formed early this year when I started to write songs outside of my former band, Hale. I asked friends and fellow musicians for help to recorde the songs in the studio at my home. Thankfully, they obliged and one by one, the lineup was formed.



A week before Baybeats, I was in Manila for a much needed break. It was a trip I’d planned since February so I was looking forward to experiencing their gig scene & their culture again.

I had little sleep, flying off at 1.30am on Sat morning and subsequently doing sight-seeing around Intramuros, hanging out with friends, getting lost in a cab and hanging out in Kerplunk! studios with friends.

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I had intended to head down to the Esplanade only at 7pm but found myself meeting Rebecca, Carlos Castano and Kelvin Uy at 1.30pm. Which was all good as we hung out and chatted. Rebecca and I had a good discussion about how the S-ROCK and Pinoy Rock scenes could interact for mutual benefit. Nothing concrete yet but food for thought. I especially want to keep an eye (and ear) out on the music created by Carlos and Kelvin. Stay tuned!

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And here we are, on the cusp of another Baybeats! I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about catching all the great bands over the course of this festival. Last time out, my head was too wrapped up with playing with Chris Collingwood that I confess that I missed most of the performances. No such distractions this year, I’m glad to report!

First up, we have the bands who auditioned for the right to play at Baybeats. For me, it’s going to be Basement in My Loft, The Zozi, Meltg Snow, Run Neon Tiger, Postbox and Cockpit that will take pride of place. Then we have the S-ROCK contingent viz. Lunarin, Suchness, Rudra, Typewriter and Celina Foo – all worth checking out.

Around the region, we have the likes of Prema Yin (Malaysia), Carlos Castanos, Camerawalls (Philippines), Santamonica (Indonesia), The Standards (Thailand), King Ly Chee (Hong Kong) and more. Further beyond our shores – Jon Auer of The Posies, David Choi (USA), Handsome Fur (Canada), Mixhell feat. Igor Cavalera of Sepultura (Brazil)…

What a lineup! See what I mean, quite a buffet of indie music, don’t you agree?

For full information about dates and time, go to the Baybeats site.

Don’t forget to patronize the various merch tables to get your souvenirs of what will be a truly memorable rock event! You know the drill, come up and say hi! I’m the guy with the silver hair…

Songs From The Year Of Our Demise Only You Face Control


It’s been six years since Kerplunk! Studios and Productions came bursting onto the scene like an angry punk band wanting to be heard. Six long years of great music and good vibes have passed and thousands of stories have been set on stone, from having given birth to upstart bands such as Angulo and all the way to being called home by the likes of Asian music icons Kjwan, Kerplunk! or Kerp as it’s extended family would call it is six years old, or better yet, six years and counting. Faspitch, The Ambassadors, Subscapular, and a whole lot of other well-known names have one time or another holed up in Kerplunk! to lay down their sound.



When the Techy Romantics start playing, the beats begin breathing, guitars come a-stirring, vocals creep in, and then the songs, they just come alive. There’s just this powerful surge of energy that nobody can resist. That cosmic force is exactly what greeted Ryan Villena, Dondi Virrey, and Camyl Besinga that Sunday afternoon in mid-2008, when the three, for the heck of it, decided to jam. In less than a month, the Techy Romantics had written enough songs to fill the usual gig sets. The trio from the Philippines spills the beans on making music.

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ChicoSci (often spelled as Chicosci) is a 5-piece Filipino rock band based in Manila. The highly-successful debut record established Chico Science as one of the forerunners of the new generation of rock. The album “Revenge of the Giant Robot” spawned hits such as Amen, Soopafly, and the MTV hit, Sink or Swim. This album was also nominated to the prestigious Awit Awards for Best Rock Recording. Their first-ever music video Sink or Swim, directed by Lyle Sacris, also won as the Best Directed Video for the 2001 MTV Pilipinas Awards. Later on, they decided to change the name Chico Science to ChicoSci, in order not to be confused with the Brazilian singer. Miggy Chavez gives us the lowdown on music making.

Why make music?

Music has always been a part of our lives. My father was also in a band so I grew up surrounded by music. He’s my main influence actually. I can’t imagine my life without it.

When did you start making music?

Chicosci started out when we were in high school. I guess that was when we “officially” started making music.

What is the most important thing about making music?

Music should be an extension of who you are. The songs you write are representations of your being. Sometimes people lose track of that.

Where is your favorite place to make music?

No specific place really. Ideas can come anywhere, anytime. It’s the documenting part that’s difficult. I’ve forgotten so many song ideas coz I wasn’t able to write it down or record it right away.

How do you keep making music?

We try to listen to all types of music – rock, pop, hiphop, oldies, etc. And as much as possible, keep updated with the new stuff out there. We in the band like to keep things fresh. =)

Catch ChicoSci at Baybeats 2010: 8.30pm, 21st August at the Powerhouse.


Singer-songwriter Carlos Castaño draws influences from names such as John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne. He has just completed his first solo album “City Light Soundtrack” at Kerplunk! Studios in Makati with production of the album headed by Kelvin Uy of Angulo and Pat Jalbuena. Prior to this full album, he previously released a six-song CD. Carlos shares his thoughts about making music.

Why make music?

To fill in the spaces. To pass the time. To mean something. To matter. To be obviously vague. To be more than.

When did you start making music?

My dad’s always been in a band (up till now), so I think as soon as I could speak and move my hands he made sure I’d make music. That would be, I’m guessing, 4 or 5 years old. But if by making music you mean WRITING music, I’d say high school when I first felt the pull of the opposite sex.

What is the most important thing about making music?

Honesty. No matter what. I find it impossible to sing about things I’ve never experienced or at least felt so for me, honesty is the most important thing about making music. Besides, when you think about it, a song that you make will represent you, like a photograph, at that moment in time. You don’t really wanna look back at old photos and know most of them weren’t real right? Same idea.

And if it were a tie, I’d say love. But that’s another story.

Where is your favorite place to make music?

My apartment. It’s tiny and full of useless junk but it’s a mess I love and live with. It’s like a physical representation of my thoughts, unruly but home.

How do you keep making music?

Life. Living walks you through experiences and so long as that’s a constant force then there’s no way that to stop anything we do. For me it’s music, for others acting, dancing, painting, politics, religion, so on and so forth. As long as we live I think the most obvious thing we do as people is move, in our own personal directions.

Check out Carlos Castano at Baybeats 2010: Chillout Stage (Concourse), 20th August at 7.15pm & 9.45pm.


The Camerawalls is an indie pop band based in Manila, Philippines formed by Clementine (Clem Castro) of the defunct band Orange and Lemons. A continuation of his songwriting prowess that manifested in his earlier works, Clementine (guitars/vocals) now collaborates with Law Santiago (bass). The Camerawalls is a fine example the true indie spirit in The Philippines. Clementine shares his thoughts with us.

Why make music?

I make music to build a legacy and a career with an effort to make a difference in the musical landscape in the country.

When did you start making music?

As early as the age of 16 or 17 I discovered a penchant for making up tunes and lyric writing/composition being exposed and inspired by a lot of local and Western music, developing a unique drive to likewise become a songwriter.

What is the most important thing about making music?

It’s knowing why you do it. The deepest why.

Where is your favorite place to make music?

It could be anywhere and inspired by a number of different things, people and events. But preferably a place with a guitar handy and with very few distractions like the comfort and solitude of my room.

How do you keep making music?

Music has the greatest impact on my life. It a means for me to channel my emotions and creative desires. Nothing beats the idea of creating something that will help define oneself in terms of character and ambition at the same time appreciating the connection the music make with strangers around the world even without the conscious effort to please other people.

Catch The Camerawalls at Baybeats 2010: 9pm on 21st August at the Arena (Outdoor Theatre).
Official Site | Baybeats