Maricelle’s latest instalment comes with the bonus of new music!

Dear Kevin,

I’ve been away for awhile now, time and wifi are scarce on the road. I think I’ve seen a number of lighthouses on this trip, more than I can count, more than I’ve ever seen, and it’s an interesting thought to have seen so many different lighthouses. It seems to remind me that I’m not home anymore, but there’s something guiding me somewhere else, if that makes sense. The journey’s been rough, but good. Like the famous Gaga song, if it ain’t rough it isn’t love. 

I’ve been working on an electronic dance track with Krickz, entitled “Lighthouse”. This trap track is ephemeral and euphoric, emphasizing the desperate longing of wishful thinking.

We decided to collaborate while Krickz was serving the army. The devotion of time to the national service meant he had to compromise his freedom as a civilian but it allowed him to train in Thailand and experience a raw and synergetic connection. At the time, I was living overseas in Shanghai and exploring the North Asian regions. We remained in contact and had numerous conversations about the feeling of being immersed in a totally new and strange place. As always, I have strong opinions that inspired the lyrics and melodies.

The excitement of wanting to grow and explore juxtaposes that nostalgia of missing home and everything familiar and comfortable. The most important thing we truly missed though, was the simple pleasure of having someone next to you, with you. That simple idea of wanting someone you love in the same space as you. Sometimes the most fundamental things are too easily overlooked and neglected. 

Krickz, is an electronic dance music producer, songwriter and DJ. “Lighthouse” features as the first single of Restart EP, his debut release about his emergence from a transitional phase.


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