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Since their Baybeats Music Festival performance in 2009, Taken By Cars have been heavily promoting their debut album, with many gigs in and out of Metro Manila.

With changes happening within the band (Isa and Siopao got married!), the band managed to find time out of their personal lives to head into the studios to write and record ‘Dualist’, their highly anticipated sophomore album, with the help of Mong Alcaraz (of Sandwich and Chicosci) and Shinji Tanaka (Soundcreation Studios) doing production and engineering duties.

The journey of their personal experiences and changes were translated into a more upbeat and personal album, with elaborate musical layers to each their songs and a maturity in their songwriting and the arrangement for all the songs on the album.

For those who have heard of their debut album, Endings Of A New Kind, you can expect a more enjoyable audio experience, a richer sound, intricate beats over lush vocals and lyrics that remain in your head long after the song has ended. Dualist still retains the feel-good, dance vibes of Endings Of A New Kind while adding more intricate facets and layers to their song crafting and songwriting.

Overall, I really like their sophomore album, with favourites from the album being Intermission, Unidentified, Sea Bass and This Is Our City.

Taken By Cars will be launching Dualist on June 10, 2011, 8pm at Home Club. Tickets would be sold for $15 Admission + 1 drink & $25 Admission + DualistCD + 1 drink at the door. Be there for the one-night only launch!

(Rebecca Lincoln)


TECHY ROMANTICS Touch (Party Bear)

When I first saw Philippine trio Techy Romantics at Baybeats 2010, I was struck by how much it seemed to be a hybrid of electronic music and twee pop! With Dondi Virrey manning the machines, Ryan Villena playing guitar and Camyl Besinga singing on top, it all just seemed perfectly engineered to present the best of technology and romance. Voila! Techy Romantics, indeed!

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THE CAMERAWALLS Bread And Circuses (Lilystars)

Simply put, this EP is one of the most accomplished pure pop music that South East Asia has produced in 2010. Composed of Clementine (vocals/guitars), Law Santiago (bass) and Joseph Rudica (drums), The Camerawalls is a Philippine band that has been around for about three years and this EP contains five strong reasons why classic pop fans need to sit up and take notice.

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Bread & Circuses is the name of the new EP from Philippine band Camerawalls. Those of you who caught the band at this year’s Baybeats Festival would be familiar with its pleasing evocation of 80s twee/jangle post-punk reminiscent of The Smiths, Orange Juice, Felt, Belle and Sebastian etc. Well, I have just received the EP from band leader Clementine and fans of good old fashioned melodic pop-rock will absolutely love the gorgeous music of the Camerawalls. Review to come…

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(Answers by Roll Martinez)

Who are Parenthesis and how was it formed?

Parenthesis is composed of Roll Martinez (Vocals/Guitars/Piano/Synths/Ukulele), Jio Clavano (Guitars/Vocals), Poch Villalon (Bass/Vocals), Kaka Quisumbing (Drums/Percussion) and Chino David (Violin/Keyboards/Vocals). We were formed early this year when I started to write songs outside of my former band, Hale. I asked friends and fellow musicians for help to recorde the songs in the studio at my home. Thankfully, they obliged and one by one, the lineup was formed.



A week before Baybeats, I was in Manila for a much needed break. It was a trip I’d planned since February so I was looking forward to experiencing their gig scene & their culture again.

I had little sleep, flying off at 1.30am on Sat morning and subsequently doing sight-seeing around Intramuros, hanging out with friends, getting lost in a cab and hanging out in Kerplunk! studios with friends.

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I had intended to head down to the Esplanade only at 7pm but found myself meeting Rebecca, Carlos Castano and Kelvin Uy at 1.30pm. Which was all good as we hung out and chatted. Rebecca and I had a good discussion about how the S-ROCK and Pinoy Rock scenes could interact for mutual benefit. Nothing concrete yet but food for thought. I especially want to keep an eye (and ear) out on the music created by Carlos and Kelvin. Stay tuned!

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It’s been six years since Kerplunk! Studios and Productions came bursting onto the scene like an angry punk band wanting to be heard. Six long years of great music and good vibes have passed and thousands of stories have been set on stone, from having given birth to upstart bands such as Angulo and all the way to being called home by the likes of Asian music icons Kjwan, Kerplunk! or Kerp as it’s extended family would call it is six years old, or better yet, six years and counting. Faspitch, The Ambassadors, Subscapular, and a whole lot of other well-known names have one time or another holed up in Kerplunk! to lay down their sound.