Just 23 years old, Max Jury is firmly of the “old soul” stereotype, channeling the kind of music made decades before his birth – country, soul and classic pop-rock that energised and excited music fans during the 60s and 70s. After releasing well-received and critically acclaimed singles and EPs, Jury finally releases his debut eponymous album.

A songwriting maturity that belies his relative youth, coupled with an uncanny knowledge of the approach that fits his soul-tinged country ballads to a ’T’. World-weary lyrics hang on twangy melodies while forlorn piano and acoustic guitar accompaniments are driven forward by simple but effective rhythms. Economical arrangements that allow the tunes and sentiments to shine through, with hooks galore to keep the astute listener coming back for more.

Every single track is a winner but we would recommend “Numb”, “Grace”, “Beg & Crawl”, “Princess”, “Little Jean Jacket”.

Sounds Like
Gram Parsons, Randy Newman, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones.

Bottom Line
It’s been a long time since we even bothered to talk about the ‘future of rock n roll’ but with Max Jury, we might be willing to raise that hoary boast once more. As Jury ably demonstrates here, the future lies in the past and finding its soul for the present with talent, wisdom and empathy.

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