Nothing vaguely ‘modern’ about the music styles of Axel Loughrey as the singer-songwriter/model stretches back to the past to provide the inspiration for his art and craft. Born and raised in Paris, this current UK resident cites intriguing and varied influences like Seasick Steve, Lou Reed, Howlin’ Wolf, Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Allman Brothers, Pride ‘N’ Glory, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, Rick Derringer & JJ Cale.

Which simply tells me that Loughrey is an artist who has listened to a wide range of music and that is always a good sign. Listening carefully to his bluesy rock n’ roll agenda, one can also discern a certain dedication to authenticity in the production and instrumentation found on Crayon Factory. From this perspective, many of Loughrey’s songs remind me of the late 70s Pub-rock, from which emerged the likes of Dr. Feelgood, Rockpile, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello.

Songs like the rootsy “Smile”, the smoky “Bad Trip”, the rockabilly-evoking “Rosetta” and country-rocking “The Key” provide the highlights in a rather even collection of tracks. Well written, well produced and well performed, Crayon Factory is one of the good ones! Recommended.

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