A few random thoughts came to mind whilst I was at The Sam Willows EP launch at TAB last night, supported by Charlie Lim and ShiGGa Shay. One, was that I witnessing the future of our Singapore indie scene as these young talented artists – with all the potential they possess – are in the best position to bring the indie scene forward within and without our shores. Two, how different the indie scene looked in 2012, compared to 1992.

Twenty years ago, there were no venues like TAB for Singapore indie music, and whilst The Sam Willows, Charlie Lim and ShiGGa Shay exuded a strong hip and cool vibe (with clothes and looks to match), the 90s indie scene was decided more grittier and grungier (this is just an observation, not a judgement either way). Also, back in 1992, it was unlikely that any of our indie bands would have been invited to SXSW to perform, like The Sam Willows.

Of course, the likes of Electrico, The Great Spy Experiment, I Am David Sparkle, The Pinholes and Inch Chua have paved the way, it’s amazing how far this young quartet has come in the space of six months! These are exciting times for young Singaporean artists and for the indie scene here. It appears to me that 2013 and beyond will be critical years for building a scene that will appeal – not only to music lovers in Singapore – but way beyond as well.

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