The New Rock N Roll

Taking a quick glance at the ‘New Releases’ each week over at Spotify Singapore will confirm that rock ’n’ roll music is completely AWOL from the awareness of the general music streaming public. But of course, there are many many bands and solo artists out there who are making music that derive its impetus from the classic rock ’n’ roll periods viz. pre-2000.

And when we say “classic rock ’n’ roll”, we are talking about (primarily) guitar-driven music that encompasses the style and influence of pop, blues, country, folk, soul, jazz, R&B, and original rock ’n’ roll presented in different levels and degrees. Or to put it another way, the popular music before the pervasive sway of electronic hip-hop and pop idolatory which has become virtually the only income-generating pop music since the year 2000.

Sure, there have been rock ’n’ roll evolutions and revivals all along the way throughout 1955 to 2000 (an amazing 45 years!) including progressive rock, jazz fusion, punk, new wave, grunge, hard rock, metal, alternative rock and the like but at its core, rock ’n’ roll remained about musicianship, live performance, authenticity and to a certain extent, rebellion against the status quo.

In our endeavour to spotlight popular music with power in this website, we have come to the conclusion that the terms new pop or pop-rock or power-pop are too restrictive and too easily misinterpreted that we have decided to describe the new music that hearken to the values of 1955 – 2000 as THE NEW ROCK N ROLL.

Sure, there will be those who will find fault with this term but we feel that this blanket description is the best one we can find in the circumstances. We will continue to fine-tune the kind of bands/artists we think fit our requirements perfectly so that our ‘curation’ remains consistent and honest throughout. We hope you will join us in our quest for THE NEW ROCK N ROLL, wherever it may take us.