Rock gigs were a scarce commodity in Singapore during the 70s, 80s and 90s. So we have been pretty much been playing catch up for the bands from that era that are either still around or have reunited. Case in point – the recent Swervedriver concert at Hood Bar organised by Songs For Children.

An intimate venue where the music was noisy, visceral and in your face! Precisely what the doctor ordered. Intriguingly enough there was a healthy mix of 90s kids (i.e. those who were born in the 90s and those who were teenagers in the 90s!) to soak in the power and glory that was/is Swervedriver.

Kudos to Cosmic Child for warming up the stage for the main event. Thankfully, Adam Franklin and co, didn’t mess around and delivered the eardrum pummelling set we all demanded and expected.

A hearty blend of 90s favourites (“Never Lose That Feeling”, “Rave Down”, “These Times”) and selections from last year’s brilliant I Wasn’t Born To Lose You LP (“Autodidact”, “Setting Sun”, “I Wonder”) kept the faithful satisfied.

Thanks to Songs for Children for making this review possible.