Singer-songwriter Maricelle is currently on a tour of North Asia and she kindly agreed to keep us posted on her adventures with the Atlas Tour Diary. Here’s the first instalment.

Dear Kevin,

How are you? Hello from Nagasaki, Japan, the first stop on the Atlas North Asia Tour. The weather here is spectacular. It’s Sunday and things here are quiet, definitely a breather from the busy weekends in Orchard.

It’s been 4 years since I took part in the NOISE mentorship, all thanks to you hand-picking me out of the dirt to be a mentee. That sparked my beginning as a songwriter, penning my own life and vulnerabilities into songs. Fast forward to today, I’ve recently left the cushy day-job I had (which I liked a lot, and that made it so much harder to leave) to join the struggle as a ‘starving’ musician.

Leaving Singapore definitely filled me with some mixed emotions. I was sad to leave all my friends, and I left my family there too, with a high chance that we might not be reunited even after my tour. I couldn’t be there for people I care about. I was nervous and I’ll be honest, even a little scared, because I hadn’t gotten a clue what to expect. But fear is also a part of excitement, and this tour definitely makes me feel like I’m a big leap closer to my dream. Adrenaline kicks in and that never fails to make me feel invincible.

The road up till now had been bleak, fighting a war of head against heart, and the world telling me I was making a mistakes. But things have been escalating quickly, and even before my launch October 1st, I’m already sharing my music with people outside of Singapore, something I still can’t believe. On this trip, playing one of my singles “Atlas Therapy” has become all the more apt, and I’m finding more meaning within the music I’ve already written. That’s been a peculiar thing about songs. They aren’t fixed in stone, they morph along with you too. Also, people here are really friendly and supportive, and the energy is amazing.

Alright, back to the intense grind, and I don’t mind it one bit. Everyday I wake up ready to sing, ready to write more songs, and ready to jam. This is by far the best thing that’s happened to me and I can’t wait to share my stories and my music with you at my launch.