Dreamer’s Manifesto EP

Ever wonder what rocking in space sounds like?

Little Space Donkey answers this question (indirectly) with their latest 4-track EP release, second only to their debut offering quirkily titled “Collection Of Songs That We Will Never Play Live, Ever”. You know that can’t be true.

A band from Jakarta, LSD is made up of Dhendy Mawardi and Amy Amanda on guitars, Made Indar on bass (and one of the contributing artists for this EP’s artwork), Dave Leonard on drums, and Anthono Oktoriandi on synthesizer and sampler. Young as they may look in pictures and in age, but don’t let that fool you. Their music and sound offerings as tight, united and focused  as can be.

The space sounding ambience is attributed to the inclusion of the synthesizer, which provides the musical journey into the other dimension. Not quite certain of the underlying story concept about a leader who united the world in his grasp, though. A glance through their listed influences (like Sigur Ros, M83, Explosions In The Sky, Daft Punk, The Flaming Lips and The Radio Dept. to name a handful) clearly ascertains their musical direction and genre, and then there is a surprise in mention of one of everyone’s classic favourite bands of all-time, The Carpenters (much celebrated!).

Two questions raised:
1) Are LSD really as young as appear to be?
2) Are you in space yet with LSD’s music?

Dreamer’s Manifesto is distributed as a free download at (FREE!), and you can find out more about Little Space Donkey on MySpace and on Tumblr.

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