Singapore comic book artist Troy Chin is launching LOTI (Vol.3) during the Singapore Writers Festival 2011. We caught up with Troy to get some of thoughts about the latest edition of LOTI.

What can fans expect from LOTI Vol. 3?

Expect more shenanigans from our pooch patrol as they navigate the third term of the school year. Loti Vol. 3 expands on the existing story with the chapters Sofie’s Diary and J Takes Flight, two specials not found in the daily strips that will change the way you view the original strips.

Can you describe briefly what LOTI is about for folks who’ve never read it?

Loti is a four-panel comic strip depicting childhood and schooling life in Singapore through the eyes of an eight-year-old. During his adventures, he finds a puppy in the neighbourhood and begins to discover what it means to be happy, and prompts the same question in the people around him.

What inspires you to continue to create comic books like LOTI?

Loti is really special to me. It allows me to write about all the stuff that little kids get to enjoy at that age, something that we as busy adults tend to forget or brush off. Loti is about the joy of waking up in the morning wanting to experience something new. It is a series that I feel if readers give it the time (whether they’re seven or seventy), they will eventually understand why personal happiness is not really that difficult or complicated to achieve.

What are your plans for promoting LOTI Vol. 3?
For the launch, there’s going to be a limited edition paper model kit of the eponymous puppy that will be given away with every book purchased. This is the beginning of a new project that I would like current fans to get involved in and hopefully bring in new readers to the world of Loti.

Can you give us more information about the upcoming book launch at SWF 2011?
Loti Vol. 3 will be launched at SWF 2011 on Sunday, October 30, 11:30am to 12:30pm at the Festival Pavilion, SMU Campus Green. Admission is free!

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