JACK JOHNSON To The Sea (Universal)

This is the ultimate commercial folk-pop music. You know the kind that makes the world go round. With unassuming tunes and light lyrical concepts, the soft rock music is so bland and inoffensive that it’s no wonder that it sells as much as it does. And Johnson has not changed the formula remotely over the course of his five albums. Well, I guess that it’s not Johnson’s fault if people continue to buy his music is it?

I mean, I get the surfer dude-beach bum schtick but I’m amazed that after all these years, people have not cottoned on to the fact that Johnson’s has been releasing the same album over and over again! Again, from Johnson’s perspective, if it ain’t broke, why fix it eh?

Basically, if you liked Johnson’s previous albums, you’re gonna want To The Sea as well. Strictly for the fans only.

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  1. Y’know many years back when I heard the name Jack Johnson & I thought it was a band, which I wondered to myself that it’s quite cool using that name for a group because of the connection to Miles Davis. How wrong I was…

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