Melissa, a fellow music blogger, left me a tweet asking, “What other songwriters/bands would u recommend?” Ooh, how much time do you have, Melissa?

Well, to keep things concise, let’s take a look at what kind of music Melissa listens to now. I understand that she once remarked that Noel Gallagher was her favourite songwriter. So we’ll have Oasis as our starting point.

Gallagher has never hidden his admiration for the Beatles so obviously, the Fab Four has got to be on this list. I would strongly recommend commencing our exercise with the White Album, now available in a remastered edition.

Two more influential 60s British bands that figure prominently in Gallagher’s raison d’etre are The Who and the Kinks. Check out both bands’ singles from this era.

70s glam rock also played a part in Gallagher’s music development e.g.  T. Rex and David Bowie. Their early 70s output is essential listening.

And what about post-punk? The Jam’s Paul Weller is an obvious source of inspiration. The entire Jam discography must be explored.

… and there would not have been an Oasis without the Stone Roses. The first album is all you need…

Only the tip of the iceberg but that should keep you going for awhile, I’d wager…

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  1. Wow thanks for the recommendations! Yes they’ll keep me busy for a while, I listen to some of them and of course have heard of them, just haven’t gotten through their discography yet! Changed my blog address to http://theenglishway.tumblr.com as well, Twitter won’t let me change my profile-it keeps being over capacity.
    Thanks again!

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