“Progressive rock”. A music genre born, nurtured & killed over 40 years ago. Which oddly enough appears to apply to whatever you want to call the music made by sub:shaman on its new album, apnea.




Yet another band to look out at Music Matters ’14 – the avant-garde rock beast that is sub:shaman!

Why did you apply to play at Music Matters Live ’14?

We’ve grown and evolved a lot as a band in the past couple years, and have new material that we’re very excited to share with as many people as possible! Music Matters being a traditionally great platform to reach out to a diverse and often new profile of listeners, we really wanted to test the waters and see how people outside of our regular, gig-going circles respond to our music.

How do you think playing at the Festival will help you?

Playing this festival helps us to leave some sort of mark, or at least make our existence known to a larger network of people. We are also hoping to make lots of new friends and perhaps, along the way, open ourselves to new opportunities that hopefully extend beyond our shores as well.

What are your scheduled slots at MML’14?

Our set timings / venues are:
[Friday 23rd May] 1120 – 1150PM at AQUANOVA.
[Saturday 24th May] 940 – 1010PM at Fern & Kiwi, and 1 – 130AM at Kuro Bar Restaurant.

How are you preparing for MML’14?

Probably what every other band is doing!–Jamming, writing, etc. We’ve been busy with a host of other projects as well, so it’s been a little tough, but nonetheless extremely fun and fulfilling.

Why should music lovers come and watch you at MML’14?

We would say that we’re a slight deviation from your run-of-the-mill rock band, and judging from some of the response so far, music lovers in particular have really appreciated some of the intricacies we have worked into our music. We can’t promise that you’ll love it, but it’ll definitely be a unique experience and we’re very excited to share our sound!

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Photo by Aloysius Lim

Sure, as a music lover based in Singapore, one is currently inundated with big rock concert draws like Eric Clapton & The Rolling Stones and with big rock festivals like St. Jerome’s Laneway & the Hostess Club Weekender. But seriously folks, nothing quite beats the experience of watching a cracking band up close in an intimate venue. Nothing.



The last time was December 2012. So it has been a long time coming. Yes, folks, it’s Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live for 2013 and it promises to be a memorable occasion for all rock and pop music lovers. In keeping with previous editions, the venue is a surprising choice, unconventional but unforgettable. This time it’s Offside located at 2 Whitley Road, which is usually a place people go to play futsal (!) – yeah really…a space of over 30,000 sq ft under a flyover ( so we’re told).

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I’ll be honest with you (stop laughing!) – I haven’t been pushing this years’ Baybeats Festival as hard as I have in previous years because I think it’s reached a critical mass where it doesn’t need my 2cts worth anymore. Also, with the number of local music blogs that have appeared in the last year or so, I don’t feel that Power of Pop needs to carry that burden any longer. Which is an excellent sign for the S-ROCK scene, of course.

Suffice to say that if you’re a music lover and happen to be in country during those three days – 28, 29 & 30 June – then you cannot miss Baybeats 2013. And…which bands would Power of Pop recommend? Here goes.

Friday, 28th – Mannequins (7pm, Outdoor Theatre) | Dropbeat Heartbeat (7.30pm, Powerhouse) | Tall Mountains (7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm Concourse) | Force Vomit (9.30pm, Powerhouse).

Saturday, 29th – sub:shaman (6 pm, Outdoor Theatre) | Pastelpower (3.30pm, Observation Deck 6.15pm, 9.15pm Concourse) | These Brittle Bones (5.30pm Observation Deck 7.45pm, 10pm Concourse) | Wormrot (9.30pm, Powerhouse)

Sunday, 30th – 7nightsatsea (6 pm, Outdoor Theatre) | The Pinholes (6.15pm, 7.45pm Concourse) | Esther Lowless (3.30pm, Observation Deck 7pm, 8.30pm Concourse) | A Vacant Affair (8.30pm, Powerhourse) | Electrico (9pm, Outdoor Theatre)

More info at the Baybeats 2013 website.

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Courtesy of SGMUSO

My regular readers will be aware of my love of hyperbole. After all, art and music should always be bigger than life and so I am always happy to oblige in that regard. So forgive me, if this post outstrips all previous in the hyperbole department.


No other way to describe the week that will forever be known as The Steve Lillywhite Production Week! As a huge Lillywhite fan (and SGMUSO EXCO member), it was going to be an amazing experience no matter what. However, even that did not prepare me for the surreal, seemingly out-of-body experience that it ultimately turned out to be! See what I mean about hyperbole?!?

I was fortunate enough to sit in the production sessions on the 1st and last day and was thrilled not only to see the legendary Steve Lillywhite in action but to witness the four bands (Atlas, MONSTER CAT, sub:shaman and The Sam Willows) have their collective confidence boosted sky high by a man who so obviously loves good music and music people.

Everyone in the studio was buzzing thanks to Lillywhite’s infectious enthusiasm. It was impossible not to be infected with the buzz! From the bands to the producers to the crew to bystanders (like yours truly), it truly felt like S-ROCK history was unfolding before our very eyes (and ears).

As much as we ourselves believe in S-ROCK, it is re-assuring and comforting to find someone of Lillywhite’s stature to be equally (it not more) excited about the potential and possibilities of the S-ROCK scene. It is validation of our efforts in the scene and our belief in the great S-ROCK bands that toil tirelessly in our sometimes thankless nation.

Best part of all was actually getting to know Lillywhite a bit better and chatting over his experiences producing some of the more important releases of the 80s and 90s. This was aided by Lillywhite’s own humble, down to earth manner – it was impossible not to think of him as a like-minded ally and these are some of the memories I will always treasure.

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Just got back from the Round Two of the Baybeats Auditions 2013 and we wanted to put out a quick response whilst our thoughts and feelings are fresh in my mind. This is the seventh year of the Baybeats Auditions where young local bands are given an opportunity to showcase their talents during one the largest alternative rock music festivals in the region. This year’s slate of hopefuls have thrown up a diverse array of bands/artists signaling a sea change in the very definition of alternative rock music.

First off, we want to congratulate all 16 bands for giving it their best shot. It is instructional to note that playing at the Baybeats Festival is not the be-all-and-end-all for aspiring bands/artists although it can be a useful launching platform for a new band. It is heartening to see the different bands provide a snapshot of what can be available in the S-ROCK scene in the years to come. we want to highlight bands that – in our humble opinion – represent exciting prospects for S-ROCK.