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I know when this exhibition was first announced, there was some criticism about the ’50 years’ bit, considering that: –

1. The Quests‘ “Shanty”, the first ever local pop hit, was released in 1964 (!) and

2. when you subtract most of the 70s and the early 80s (when rock music was suppressed by the authorities) fifty years become a stretch

BUT you will appreciate that in order for the exhibition to get the appropriate funding some concessions needed to be made towards the whole SG5o business. Whatever it was called, the fact remains that the funding has allowed the organisers to put together a fitting tribute to Singapore rock, such as it is. Well, this is Singapore so the ends will justify the means.

In any case, the exhibition opens tomorrow (8th April) at the Substation Theatre with three S-ROCK bands viz. The Oddfellows, THE PINHOLES and Riot !n Magenta performing from 8pm.

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Continuing our series on bands you should really check out next week at Music Matters Live ’14. Ladies and gentlemen… The Pinholes!

Why did you apply to play at Music Matters Live ’14?

Since Music Matters Live is being held in Singapore, I will take the opportunity to showcase my group and represent my country to another audience or music moguls that will come from all over the world. It feels like the best time.

How do you think playing at the Festival will help you?

I guess playing in this Music Festival definitely bring connectivity. I will try and make as much contact as I can. As I think that this is really important cause you will never know who you will meet.

What are your scheduled slots at MML’14?

We will be playing on one date which is on 21 May at Paulaner from 9.40pm to 10.10.10pm. This is due to our short tour to Hanoi for another ASEAN Pride Festival the following day.

How are you preparing for MML’14?

We are definitely putting our best of what we can do. We just released our debut album and we are really excited to showcase that to a different audience. And we will try and give our best half n hour show like there’s no tomorrow. Its gonna be just Wham Bam no commercial set.

Why should music lovers come and watch you at MML’14?

Its a music festival, We are all about good vibes, songs and rock n roll. And the chain reaction will be perfect if the music lover are there to have a good time.

Thanks to Famie for the answers!

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I’ll be honest with you (stop laughing!) – I haven’t been pushing this years’ Baybeats Festival as hard as I have in previous years because I think it’s reached a critical mass where it doesn’t need my 2cts worth anymore. Also, with the number of local music blogs that have appeared in the last year or so, I don’t feel that Power of Pop needs to carry that burden any longer. Which is an excellent sign for the S-ROCK scene, of course.

Suffice to say that if you’re a music lover and happen to be in country during those three days – 28, 29 & 30 June – then you cannot miss Baybeats 2013. And…which bands would Power of Pop recommend? Here goes.

Friday, 28th – Mannequins (7pm, Outdoor Theatre) | Dropbeat Heartbeat (7.30pm, Powerhouse) | Tall Mountains (7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm Concourse) | Force Vomit (9.30pm, Powerhouse).

Saturday, 29th – sub:shaman (6 pm, Outdoor Theatre) | Pastelpower (3.30pm, Observation Deck 6.15pm, 9.15pm Concourse) | These Brittle Bones (5.30pm Observation Deck 7.45pm, 10pm Concourse) | Wormrot (9.30pm, Powerhouse)

Sunday, 30th – 7nightsatsea (6 pm, Outdoor Theatre) | The Pinholes (6.15pm, 7.45pm Concourse) | Esther Lowless (3.30pm, Observation Deck 7pm, 8.30pm Concourse) | A Vacant Affair (8.30pm, Powerhourse) | Electrico (9pm, Outdoor Theatre)

More info at the Baybeats 2013 website.

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Sunshine Artwork2

The Pinholes have been active in the S-ROCK scene for some time now. Through personnel changes, singer and principal songwriter Famie Suliman remains the constant as the band continues to carry out its retro pop mission with aplomb and no small amount of fun.

The single “Sunshine” is The Pinholes’ opening salvo before the release of its debut full-length (sometime this year?) and this live favourite is given the happy production treatment its cheerful sound thoroughly deserves. Light-hearted and infectious, listeners are guaranteed a splendid 60s poppin’ time with this authentic pastiche/tribute to a special era.

“Sunshine” is now available from Bandcamp.

Official site.