“Progressive rock”. A music genre born, nurtured & killed over 40 years ago. Which oddly enough appears to apply to whatever you want to call the music made by sub:shaman on its new album, apnea.

Listening to apnea and desiring to define the sounds that emanates therewith is somewhat akin to repairing a broken zipper – a fruitless exercise.

So why bother? Sure, call the music “experimental”, “avant garde” or even “post-rock” (ugh) if you must but there are enough basic familiar elements of various jazz and rock (and everything in between and beyond) styles to find a balance between comfort and surprise.

The best moments – within the maelstrom of disparate riffs and shapes (that sometimes begs too earnestly for attention) – are when the otherworldly larynx of vocalist weish – that legendary producer Steve Lillywhite once praised enthusiastically – cuts loose with abandon.

Ignore the lyrics – too precious and pretentious to be taken seriously – and simply focus on the frenetic free-wheeling sounds of a band letting it all go, without a mind to accessibility or compromise.

Watch “A-Hole”:


sub:shaman launches apnea on Saturday May 13th at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Get your tickets now from

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