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Honestly, have never been a fan of Canuck heartland rocker Bryan Adams but on his latest album, producer Jeff Lynne (ELO) is the only reason I am recommending Get Up! And of course, Lynne’s fingerprints are all over this ode to rock ’n’ roll, even though Lynne has only one co-writing credit here – the mid-tempo 80s pop sheen of “Do What Ya Gotta Do” which smacks of Lynne’s collaborations with Tom Petty and Roger McGuinn. Ironically, the most ELO-channeling track of all – the gorgeous ballad “We Did It All” was written by Adams and songwriter partner Jim Vallance.

There’s no denying that Adams sounds invigorated by Lynne’s influence, keeping the songwriting simple, yet allowing the sophisticated arrangements to elevate the basic pop-rock material. That’s no hiding the agenda behind feel good rockers like “Go Down Rockin’” and “That’s Rock and Roll” & the years peel away with ease. Who cares whether the hipster generation will Get Up or not. That’s their problem.

And if you’d like a free CD of Get Up! (and why wouldn’t you?!), Universal Music Singapore are giving away 5 copies if you can answer this question.

Who is the producer of Bryan Adams’ Get Up!?

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