STELLARIUM S-t (Self-released)

Whenever a Singapore band is able to shake off its socially engineered inferiority complex, it’s a wonder to behold! There’s been quite a buzz (not only at home but even abroad) about Stellarium who are all about the noise.

Well, you know there’s noise and there’s noise.

For Stellarium, just like the Velvet Underground, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine before them, the noise is not the means to an end, but the end itself.

Sure, there are melodies (hushed, low in the mix), pummeling drums and groovy basslines but it is the guitar – loud, phased, drenched with feedback – growling, moaning, howling, squealing and even squeaking that provides the centerpiece of this enthralling ROCK music.

So in tracks like dark psychedelic Harbinger, the unrelenting dissonant Paddle Pop, the strident Chocolate & Strawberry and space-age traveling Dead Nebula, the post-modern industrial existence gate-crashes our “safe” concepts of pop and rock music. Noise is everywhere, so why not in our popular music?

It’s all in the concept. Nevermind if you can barely make out the lyrics, consider the vocal as an additional instrument that floats formlessly over the cacophonic soundscapes that pass for pop songs. This is an accomplished album that must be savored in its entirety from start to finish. And play the damn thing LOUD, yes it’ll annoy the neighbors but in the long term they’ll thank you for the gift.

Bloody essential – but you already knew I was gonna say that.



The album is on sale for 12USD PPD Internationally via Bandcamp. Check out the pics!

For Singapore sales, the album is in stock at Straits Records and will also be available at Roxy Records and Books Actually, Singapore and retails at 12SGD.

You can also make a direct purchase via Bandcamp, the band will pack, write your address and deliver by post personally too. Also comes with immediate download in any digital format of your choice while you await the arrival of the CD. Payment by paypal or any major credit card like Visa, Mastercard etc.

The album was first released in the US on 15th December on Custom Made Music. The label carries a family of shoegaze bands like Ceremony, Screen Vinyl Image, Black Nite Crash, Skywave, Ringo Deathstarr etc.


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