POWER OF POP MUSIC LIVE NEWS: Remember Nizam – A Celebration in Music

LIVE NEWS: Remember Nizam – A Celebration in Music


Pioneering musician. Award-winning filmmaker. All-round loveable guy. The local music, movie and creative scenes were devastated when, on 14 June, influential DIY figure, Abdul Nizam Hamid, unexpectedly passed away from liver, lung and pancreatic cancer. Nizam, as his friends called him, was only 50. Bonded in grief, his friends have come together to organise a special tribute concert and fund- raising commemoration to this singular, inspiring and dearly missed man.

The concert will feature:
— the long-overdue reunion of Twang Bar Kings, an acoustic duo of Leslie Low (The Observatory, Humpback Oak) and Don Bosco (Daze).
— The Endless, featuring The Padres’ veteran Nigel Hogan & Friends.
— the legendary Gary Chand & Friends, founding member, lead guitarist and vocalist of IGTA, Singapore’s first reggae band.

Remember Nizam: A Celebration in Music
31 July 2016, Sunday
Doors open at 6pm
S$15 at the door
The Substation
45 Armenian Street,
Singapore 179936