From the Los Angeles Art Rock duo Eagle & Talon, JAN is Kim Talon’s newest solo musical venture. In 2011 Alice and Kim Talon did separate musical projects. Alice collaborated with musician Kono Michi to form the band Alice and Michi which later released its first album Strange Bloom in late 2012, while Kim assembled herself a live band featuring Chloe Saavedra (Smoosh) and Melinda Parks (Har Mar Superstar) which resulted in the birth of JAN.

JAN recorded its 12-track album with John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie and Los Campesinos!) and released its self-titled debut studio album in late 2012 to a great reception. The track “Work For The City” was even ranked in Philadelphia’s Citypaper’s Favorite Songs Of 2012 list. The album JAN incorporates fuzzy guitar riffs accompanied by thick bass licks and dreamy backing vocals making JAN (the band) sound like the demon child of St Vincent, Blood Red Shoes and Kate Nash. The opening track “Work For The City” starts off with a smooth dreamy vocal melody, progressing to a drumbeat, which changes the mood completely and sets the tone for the entire song. JAN’s songs also contain odd key changes and outlandish chord progressions, which helps to separate them from any other rock band out there.

Subtle hints of Eagle & Talon can be heard in the album, such as similar vocal arrangements and rhythms used. However, Kim had decided to cut down on the synthesizers and instead replaced them with grungy guitar sounds. Not a drastic change, but enough to make them sound fresh and contrasting. Instruments such as glockenspiels and recorders can also be heard in songs such as “Act Like A Pantry” and “All Of These Igloos” which is a great relief as it exemplifies the fact that modern bands are willing to experiment with unconventional instruments and make an effort to create music that they can call their own.

(Dan Chan*)

You can find their self-titled album at iTunes.

And you can download their single “Work For The City” for free at Soundcloud.

*Dan is a mentee under the Esplanade Youths – Baybeats Budding Writers Programme 2013.

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