This is Kevin Mathews, y’know the guy who owns this webzine, taking a break from normal programming to talk to you a little bit about this new album I have recorded under the watchmen moniker.

It’s called I AM and it’s 8 songs of retro-pop-rock that is very much in line with what this webzine has been trying to champion in 2016 thus far.

Earlier this year, I retired “Kevin Mathews, singer-songwriter” as a recording and performing entity and decided to revive watchmen as a way of getting back to basics i.e. writing and recording music as the sole means of artistic expression. Which is what watchmen was in the early 90s in any case.

So… hopefully, this will be the first of a series of albums under watchmen, at least until I run out of songs, which will probably never happen.

Thanks for your support and if you want more, please go to Bandcamp and purchase the digital album now! Much obliged.

… still there’s more …