I have been a fan of the Canadian singer-songwriter since the early 80s when a friend of mine (who was then studying in Canada) gave me a mixtape of his music and that was that, I was sold!

Through the years I have been fascinated by his songwriting and his Christian faith. Especially in the latter, as he seemed to live contrary to the traditional model of Christianity.

So when I came across his memoir, Rumours of Glory, there was no hesitation to pick it up. Upon finishing the book, I felt like Cockburn and I were somewhat kindred spirits, as it not only provided me with insight into his music making but also into his personal life.

His convictions about GOD and his worldview coincided with where I have found myself now and it was so reassuring to know that someone whom I have admired for so long had come to similar conclusions regarding life in the faith.

With that shared epiphany, I am encouraged to move forward in life, confident and happy in GOD in the years to come. Amen!

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