Two months after the release of Emo FASCISM, I am working on my new 4-track EP, #alpacablues. Why so soon? Well, in actual fact, Emo FASCISM was recorded a year ago and most of the songs are already old news to me. I am a naturally restless soul and thus…

In any case, I don’t want to say too much about the new music but instead will let you listen to a sampler of the raw mixes so far below.

… still there’s more …

  2 Responses to “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD: #alpacablues”

  1. NICE! Glad to see you getting after it again so soon (although as a songwriter) I know you probably couldn’t stop if you wanted to. Really dig these samples (especially those first two). Great “Bob Dylan esque” lyrics on that first track and the hook on the second is massive. On a side note, looking forward to my autographed copy of “Emo Fascism”… I know it’s coming from the other side of the planet so I’m sure I’ll have to wait a little longer. Take care. Matt

  2. Thanks again Matt for the kind comments. The CD is on its way to you. Much obliged!

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