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I have a dream.

Of a Singapore music scene where the majority of venues feature Singaporean songs. Where Singaporean songs are given the same love as foreign songs. Where Singaporeans are not unduly prejudiced against a song simply because it’s written by a fellow Singaporean.

Yes I am biased. It’s true that I love Singapore music because it’s made by people I know and love. But I love good music even more. For Singapore music to be better, our bands/artists need more opportunities to play their own music. It’s common sense, really.

That’s where platforms like StageFright @ Artistry and the upcoming SGMUSO Songwriters Night come in – to give Singapore bands/artists that opportunity. Nobody is born as an adult – it takes time for a baby to become a child and to be fully matured – so it’s the same with musicians/songwriters.

Here are some of the songwriters that will grace the Artistry stage on Wed, 21st Jan – please come down and support us and help make my dream come true!

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Mention the word ‘cadence’ during a music theory class and chances are that panicked students will be racking their brains to recall what that term means (true story!). As highlighted in their bio, #sgindie rock band Cadence explains that it is “a section in a musical piece which creates a sense of resolution, or the measure of a cyclist’s pace”.


The bio goes on – “The band’s music runs either fast and loud, or slow and yearning. If it sounds desperate, that’s because it probably is. The sound of five, taking a shot in the dark, hoping to create something to believe in”.

The band consists of Seth Chiam (Vocals, Guitar); Angus Sham (Guitar); Nathan Huang (Guitar); Japheth Ng (Bass) and Dominic Goh (Drums). At StageFright, we have been quite blessed to experience many bands that have delivered stellar performances despite the space constraints at Artistry, using the limitations to their advantage (instead of sulking about them). Stopgap, Catalogue V, Doves & Ravens, Atlas, Enec.e and Sapporo Safaris are just a couple of great examples. So don’t miss Cadence as they open StageFright XVI @ Artistry on 21st January!

Artistry is located at 17 Jalan Pinang.

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Nothing wrong with playing covers per se but original music is critical for the growth and development of a music scene we can properly call our very own. This is where platforms like STAGEFRIGHT @ Artistry comes in – to provide aspiring songwriters with an opportunity to showcase their own songs. So if you value culture and artistic endeavour, support our songwriters at Artistry Cafe on 21st January from 8pm, where you can see Tiffany


Having a passion for music since young, Tiffany likes to spend her time writing songs in her free time with her guitar on lazy afternoons. Inspired by artists such as Allen Stone, Nikki Yanofsky, Alicia Keys and many more, she likes to explore different genres such as blues, indie and alternative music when writing new songs.
She currently plays at Zsofi Tapas Bar under the moniker Lazy Susan’s Blueprints every Thursday evening.
An aspiring singer-songwriter in the making, she hopes to share her life in lyrics and drawings that she does as a side hobby alongside music.

Artistry Cafe is located at 17 Jalan Pinang.

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The songwriters are the future of Singapore music. Make no mistake about that. STAGEFRIGHT is a platform for the songwriter and in its 16th edition at Artistry on Wednesday, 21st January, we continue in our support of the songwriter.

Cloud & Shadows aka Andy Philip has a elliptical concept of a bio. To wit,

“The absence of pain does not guarantee love.
But the absence of love can be painful and bitter.
Clouds & Shadows explores the realities of life, love and loss through music.
Giving voice to such personal experiences, it hopes to provide solace to the souls of others alike.”

Clouds & Shadows (Andy Philip)

Come and support your songwriters, Singapore!


There are very few music schools in town that can promise to teach you about having a career in writing hit songs for the Mandarin pop market. Funkie Munkies (FM) Pop Music School is definitely one of them! First off, the trainers viz Eric Ng, Xiaohan & Jim Lim are genuine hit songwriters with impressive track records and that is real-life experience for you, not mere theory. More importantly, their passion for the craft is highly infectious and they are wonderful people as well!




Simply put, the 2nd edition of STAGEFRIGHT @ Artistry went down very well. I am again very thankful to Marcel and Prashant for making Artistry available to showcase music made in Singapore. Very pleased with the packed crowd of family, friends and fans who came down to enjoy the music. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


A ‘well-done’ goes out to Lister, By Any Means, Raufi Heights, Marcel Pereira and Lost Weekend for touching us all with their music. Aspiring bands/artists who want to showcase their music at the next STAGEFRIGHT, please send your demos, videos and online links to [email protected]. I will be waiting…


As regular visitors to PoP will be aware, I am a passionate champion of promoting the art of songwriting within Singapore and this is one initiative that I am very excited about! Naturally I am directly involved as well! For budding songwriters out there (NB. COMPASS members only), here is your chance to get FREE advice on your songs in three areas lyrics (Stella Kon), melodies (KM) and chord progressions (Ray J Rodrigues).

The first session is on this Sunday (18th) from 2pm to 5pm at the Library @ Esplanade and is sponsored by COMPASS/organized by Serendip Showbiz. Interested? Register here and RSVP here. Open to the public. See you there!


I am counting on all you Power of Pop regulars to be at Timbre @ Substation in force to support this landmark event – let’s show everyone that Singapore songwriting is worth the time, effort and $$$! Not forgetting also the Noise music showcases. A good S-ROCK week, all told!

Come up and say hi – take a photo with me and I will post it here on Power of Pop!

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