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From Facebook page

The year is almost done but .gif (viz Weish & Din, above) probably delivered one of the best ways to see out an amazing 2015 for Singapore music with its debut album, soma. Here’s what the dynamic duo thought about what the year was all about…

What kind of 2015 has it been for you both?

Weish: Very trying… well, really exhausting, juggling a million things at once… Been hard staying afloat.

Din: Musically, it’s been a pretty good one. We played Laneway and finally released an album. Can’t really complain!

What are your thoughts about the Singapore music scene in 2015?

Weish: It’s been a great year for music all around… Very exciting! 

Din: Slowly but surely we’re progressing, I guess.

How did the collaboration with Syndicate come about?

Din: We recorded our EP with Jason Tan from Octover, and he produced this album too. They’ve been supporting us since way back, so I guess releasing soma under Syndicate came naturally.

Weish: I think it might have started at a Syndicate Subsessions gig quite awhile back… where I played solo alongside Pleasantry x Fauxe. I first met Jason proper then. It was one of the very, very rare occasions he was doing live sound, and I just remember him asking me for the specific key of every song I was going to play. I can’t stress this enough.. He’s a genius. But I think somewhere along the line it also had to do with Kiat and Cherry catching one of our shows and really digging “diatribe”. Well, according to them! Haha.

The music and the video for ‘godspeed’ references the Eating Air movie — considering the movie was made in 1999 (when you both were little kids), how were you made aware of this?

Din: I used to work at Gramophone pre-enlistment. They used to carry a bunch of local CDs and DVDs and I’d buy a ton of CDs and DVDs when I got my pay. One of the titles I picked out was Eating Air. The synopsis looked interesting and I was completely blown away by the movie. I shared it with Weish and she loved it too. 

How did the Philippines tour come about — any memorable moments to share?

Weish: We owe all that to one of our best buddies, Juhardi… his resourcefulness, his contacts. He’s a cosmopolitan man. As for most memorable moments… Oh, dear. I’m not sure I should share them here. Suffice to say, though, Philippine hospitality is off the roof!!! A great producer there named Nick Lazaro, and his friend (also an insane drummer) Pat gave us so much of their time and energy; they drove us everywhere, made sure we ate all the best food, and threw us an amazing show.

What are your plans for 2016?

Weish: Stay alive. Avoid taking on too many projects and collaborations. Keep sane.

Din: Nothing major really. Play a couple of shows to promote the album. Maybe try not to disband. Who knows? 

soma is available now on all good digital music platforms.