Ahead of Stoned Revivals’ final gig this Sunday, Kamal gave us the following exclusive lowdown.

How would you compare the local music scene now compared to when you started 20 years ago?

When we started out 20 years ago, gigs were fewer and the scene was more united compared to now. Substation was the place to go to watch local gigs and people of all kinds, be it Metal, Indie, Punk, Grunge get together to watch bands play.

These days it is more of a you go to the gig to be seen as part of the scene thing.

Also these days there are more venues to do a gig such as Esplanade, *SCAPE even some underground DIY jammin studio gig. Our local music has improved a lot but the buying power of the masses is still not there. This maybe due to the fact that we do not have an organization or body to take care of our local talents.

With events like Baybeats it does help to improve our music scene, maybe even concerts or shows should start engage more of our local talents to do opening acts with a proper sound system.

What is your most memorable Stoned Revivals experience?

Opening for No Doubt at the Indoor Stadium in 1997, and this JB gig in 1998 or so where the crowd went wild and pogo to disco and a dude went up to the stage to kiss Esam on the cheeks…he was shocked!

What is the best fan reaction that the Stoned Revivals have received?

Prior to the launch of our album in 1999,  after a showcase performance at Cineleisure, Esam and me was given a kiss on the cheek by two girls who said shyly ” We really like you”. We were both stunned and that was the first time we both thought …..”Hey we are now confirmed Boyband”.

We were at Caldecott Hill recording for the Gurmit Show, and after the show a couple of girls gave us a big card congratulating us on the debut album.

We know that this is the final gig but will there be any new recordings from the band?

For recordings we may still keep in touch together as the age of technology allows you to record and email each other.

I think there is a song that Esam required me to play bass.

Any message for your fans on the cusp of this, your final gig?

Thank you for all the support, from the beginning of the band until now. Do come to the gig as we have a lot of surprises that we are planning for the show.

Hope to see you all at the Substation this Sunday from 4pm to bid farewell to one of our true blue musical icons!

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