Photo by Copeland
Photo by Copeland

Fans get upset when one of their favourite bands break up but nowadays it does seem that these breakups are more of a hiatus, and the band can always come back re-energised for that reunion tour. Add Copeland to the list! The alternative rock band (consisting of Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Jonathan Bucklew and Stephen Laurenson) are not only back but will return to Singapore for their fourth concert. We caught up with Marsh via email.

There was a Farewell Tour and now Copeland is back. Why?

The band broke up in 2010. We all wanted to follow different paths, start new businesses, focus on families, and things of that nature. 5 years later, we all felt like there was still more we wanted to do with Copeland’s music.

Photo by Copeland
Photo by Copeland

What did the band members do when Copeland broke up?

I (Aaron) got married, my wife and I have 2 boys. I built a recording studio to continue in music on the recording/producing side. Bryan, Stephen, and Jon started another band called States. Jon also started a furniture company called Seventeen20. He still focuses on the furniture full time, which is why he isn’t involved with Copeland now that we’re touring a little more. He was able to play drums on the new album though; we’re grateful for that. 

How is Copeland circa 2016 different from Copeland circa 2008?

It’s a more relaxed dynamic now, since it’s not a full-time thing for us. We all have other businesses and family things going on. Copeland is important to us, but it feels more like a passion project than a job now.

Photo by Copeland
Photo by Copeland

How do you feel about coming back to Singapore again?

We’ve been looking forward to it. This will be our 4th time! One of my favorite moments of my career was walking on stage at Baybeats the first time.

What are your expectations for the Singapore gig? 

No expectations, we’re excited to get to travel the world and play music, and grateful that we have an audience in all of these places so far from home.

Photo by Copeland
Photo by Copeland

Who are the first people you are going to catch up with?

I’ve kept in touch via Facebook with some of the folks who hosted us over the years. We have a day off in Singapore, hopefully I’ll get to see some of them. Some people I’ve lost touch with, and hope I can reconnect.

People say – “you can never go home” – what is the core of Copeland that keeps you going the 2nd time round?

We enjoy working together and we are proud of the legacy that we’ve built, so the fact that we can come back after 5 years away, and add to that legacy with new music, and more live performances is really inspiring. We’re having fun.

Any message for your Singapore fanbase?

We can’t wait to see everyone. We hope everyone has a great time at the show! Thank you for the years of support!


Copeland performs in Singapore on the 3rd of May at 7pm at TAB, 442 Orchard Road. Tickets now available from http://copelandsg.peatix.com/.

Thanks to Snowbird Productions & Anthology for making this interview possible.