Probably one of the finest ‘pop’ bands to ever write and record music in the rock history. Well, that’s my humble opinion anyways. The band built around the songwriting core of Andy Partridge (vocals, guitar) and Colin Moulding (bass, vocals) and ably supported by Terry Chambers (drums, 1977 – 1983), Barry Andrews (keyboards, 1977 – 1978) and Dave Gregory (1978 – 1998). XTC effectively dissolved in 2005. These ten songs below represent merely the tip of the iceberg of the truly amazing music produced by XTC and hopefully, you will be inspired to find out more…

(The best online XTC resource)

“Towers of London” (1981)

“Mayor of Simpleton” (1989)

“Easter Theatre” (1999)

“Dear Madam Barnum” (1992)

“Grass” (1986)

“This is Pop” (1978)

“Wake Up” (1984)

“Science Friction” (1977)

“Senses Working Overtime” (1982)

“Stupidly Happy” (2000)

…still there’s more…

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