Poppin’ on a Tuesday to get rid of the blues.

Palpitation – In Five Years

Album: Palpitation

Director: Mats Udd

With the recent (subjective) cold weather around, spillage from winter last year into this year’s autumn, what better video to share than Palpitation’s latest offering. It is filled with falling snow, thick winterwear, the coldest looking winter, nightlights, lonesome hearts and… a cow mask? It could be the best way to appreciate this temporary dip in temperature, without feeling frustrated with too Christmas-y tunes. And now, back onto some of our endless hopes in witnessing snow right here… Official Site

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Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

Album: Last Night On Earth

Coincidentally, Noah And The Whale released a track entitled 5 Years Time about 3 years ago, which features then-member Laura Marling – so some similiarity with the previous act featured, Palpitation. With the track and the video, Noah And The Whale seems to settle into a more timeless contemporary sound, with hopes for a thing called eternity in this industry. I hope you stay. Official Site

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Raphael Saadiq – Radio

Album: Stone Rollin’

Director: Tracemaker

What a smooth operator Raphael Saadiq is, jazzin’ his way through his music and with so much soul it warms the eardrums. And let’s not run away from the radio no more, and try to find ways to change it for the better, instead of the state that it may be in right now. Official Site

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Shugo Tokumaru – Linne

Album: Port Entropy

Director: Aze

I am thinking of relocating to Japan with such sweet and romantic melodies like this. Official Site

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