Soundcheck at Mona Records
Soundcheck at Mona Records

Latest update from Deon Toh in Tokyo.

Thus far, we’ve played at three different venues in Tokyo. It has been a real eye opener. Each venue brings a different vibe, and they specialise in different genres. We are lucky to carry the indie rock/pop flag; which has been suitable for the venues so far.

On our performance days,

– Shibuya @ The Game had heavier rock acts

– MOON ROMANTIC focused more on lighter singer-songwriter acts

– mona records hosted indie acts

Our niche nested comfortably amongst other acts over the past three days – something which I didn’t expect at all. To be honest, before heading into Tokyo, I was slightly worried that we might be out of place. I heard about the diversity and quality of Japanese acts from other Singapore bands, and being the uptight worrisome man-child that I am, it was hard for me to get proper sleep before the trip. But as the shows went along, I became 100% convinced that we belonged exactly where we were. 

After every show, we spend time talking to different people (bands/audiences/organisers). We learn something new, we make new friends, we trade music and merchandise with other bands, it’s seriously fun. But more importantly, it highlights the fact that regardless of where we came from, we are very much accepted, and that the only language that matters in this arena is music. 

*side story:

Before our show yesterday; Mindy, Jie, and I entered a shop to ask about their house music playlist (cause it was banging), their cashier printed the artist name for us, and we invited him for the show before leaving. This happened quite fast, and our exchanges were done in different languages, with more hand signals than anything. 30 minutes before our set, Mr. Cashier turned up at the show, paid for a ticket, and came in. He introduced himself as Ono, and stayed till after our set to chat with us to find out more. I’m so touched.

Thanks to our friends in Singapore (Simon, Shirlyn, Joanna, Ian etc.), more musicians came out to watch the shows, and they brought industry related friends too. Long story short, we will be back in Tokyo next year… I just don’t know when, yet!

The tour is ending really soon, but I’m already envisioning another one, with more venues, more shows, and this time with more friends. Tomorrow we play our last show at U.F.O. Club, if you’re in town or if you know of friends in town, please ask them to come watch!

All profits from this tour goes to Mercy Relief, in support of their efforts in assisting Kumamoto Earthquake victims. It matters that people turn up to support the shows to promote awareness for Mercy Relief’s efforts.

I go sleep now cause tomorrow got gig,