1. Why play music?

Because that’s what i was put on this earth to do. Every bit of my ability points to me doing that. So i do..

2. Who are your influences?

The Beatles. Tom Petty. Wings. Springsteen. Motown. The last few generations of great pop music. My family.

3. What is success?

Being able to wake up every day next to the girl of my dreams, hug my happy kids and go off and make music.

4. Why should people buy your music?

I think a lot of people would really like it. It’s got melody, good production, is easy to listen to, and i think, especially with this new record, that a lot of people could identify with what i’ve written about.

5. Who do you love?

Wife. Kids. Parents and siblings. And i’m lucky enough to have a wonderful circle of friends that i love and appreciate very much. I also think i’m ok too, even though most people would never say that about themselves (though they should!!)

6. What do you hope to achieve with your music?

I hope to achieve that perfect time capsule, where the songs, the playing and the production come together and create a perfect representation of how i feel at THAT moment.

7. Who comes to your gigs?

Not as many people as i’d like..

8. What is your favorite album?

The Beatles – Revolver. (This week.)

9. What is your favorite song?

The Beatles – Hey Jude (surprisingly)

10. How did you get here?

I was too stubborn to turn back

Michael Carpenter’s new album Redemption #39 is out now.

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