(Answers by Aaron Espinoza)

1. Why play music?

so we’re not forced to get a job at some phony music blog thingy

2. Who are your influences?

power station, traveling wilburys, damn yankees, asia, the highwaymen

3. What is success?

calamari and white wine on a hot summer’s day.

4. Why should people buy your music?

so we can bail aaron burtch (our drummer) out of jail (some weird “no dancing in stanislaus county” bullshit charge. ala footloose)….the live show is just not as good without him.

5. Who do you love?

yo momma

6. What do you hope to achieve with your music?

space travel

7. Who comes to your gigs?

yo momma

8. What is your favorite album?

the fisherman’s friends – “suck em and sea”

9. What is your favorite song?

“cape cod girls” by the fisherman’s friends

10. How did you get here?

we started in philly….then to roanoke, VA. (had a shitty burrito) down to lovely asheville, NC. (enjoyed some calamari….then left without me wallet) further down to birmingham, AL. (had some great vegetarian…believe it or not) then straight up to tupelo, MISSISSIPPI (birthplace of elvis presley and BBQ) up up up to graceland in memphis, TN (plus stax and sun records. and BBQ) cut over to little rock, AK (econolodge) straight to oklahoma city (OKC BBQ) on over to the cadillac ranch in amarillo, TX across to gallup, NM (el rancho inn and 49er lounge….had a couple cocktails) jumped over to the grand canyon, AZ (coupla ravens stole our french fries right out of our hands) and down to los angeles, CA (home sweet home)

Admiral Radley’s excellent album I Heart California is out now.
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