Photo Credit: John Stavas

More of the same from blues-rockers Deap Vally viz. Lindsey Troy (vocals, guitars) & Julie Edwards (drums) on new LP, Femejism, which is great news! Femejism is 13 tracks of raw power delivered in the duo’s trademark dynamic fashion.

Photo Credit: Koury Angelo
Photo Credit: Koury Angelo

A raucous sequel to 2013’s Sistronix, Femejism (as its title suggests) continues Deap Vally’s declaration of feminist values (well, to be honest, it’s all about being human right?), without compromise.

Songs like “Smile More” – ‘And I am not ashamed of my mental state/And I am not ashamed of my body weight/And I am not ashamed of my rage/And I am not ashamed of my age’ – is a clear statement of intent.

Troy is in good voice throughout as tracks like “Royal Jelly”, “Gonnawanna” and “Teenage Queen” demonstrate. Influences of Chrissie Hynde, Courtney Love and Janis Joplin abound!

Highly recommended!

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