Ye faithful editor is back to regale you, dear PoPster, with his latest shenanigans in the world of popular (sic) music.

KayMac. Something new, something old. This is the moniker I will be using for the electronic art-pop instrumental music I will be making for the rest of my life. Somewhat distinct from the watchmen stuff, which will have lyrics and vocals.

I had originally intended to release a full album in March 2017 but wanted to get a teaser EP out using what I felt were the most ‘commercial’ tracks in my locker thus far. Kind of an introduction to what KayMac is all about.

So, that’s what RET-EL 1.0 (shorthand for Retro-Electronica, though I like how it sounds like a Kryptonian name!) is – a FREE sampler for folks to get a rough idea of the new music that I will be releasing under KayMac moving forward.

As with the watchmen releases, there will be very minimal promotion (if any) as I have more or less given up on that aspect of the business. It’s only about the music and about the friends who want to tag along for the journey.

So, if you’re keen to continue to support my musical journey, then make your way to pick up a digital copy of RET-EL 1.0, it’s FREE of course but I’m not adverse to receiving generous donations to the cause. Thanks for your time and attention! — Kevin Mathews/KayMac

… still there’s more …

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