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Do   you   go   home   early   during   the   seventh   month   to   avoid   bumping   into…   things?   Have   you   ever   heard   a   voice   in   your   ear   and   turned   around   to   find   there’s   no   one   there?  Do  you  believe  in  the  unseen?  Are  you  pantang?

This   Halloween,   join   the   cast   and   crew   of   Pantang   as   they   bring   you   on   a   journey   into   the   realm   of   spirits   and   other   unseen   things,   based   on   first-­‐hand   accounts   and   interviews.   You’ll   find   the   locale   of   our   stories   somewhat   familiar,   but   because   the   stories  happened  to  people  we  know  and  aren’t  from  a  book,  they’ll  make  you  lao  jio   (wet  your  pants)  in  fresh  and  surprising  ways…

Here  are  some  of  the  strange  and  spooky  stories  from  the  show:

• A   young   couple   moves   into   a   flat   built   on   the   location   of   a   fatal   plane   crash   and  encounters  a  tragedy  of  their  own.

• A   soldier   on   guard   duty   finds   a   photograph   of   a   beautiful   young   girl   on   the   ground  and  falls  into  a  baffling  trance.

• We   interview   a   man   born   with   the   “third   eye”   who   tells   us   all   about   the   invisible  world  of  spirits  around  us.     Pantang   presents   these   stories   using   narratives,   shadow-­‐play,   multimedia   projections,  puppetry  and  re-­‐enactments.  But  most  of  all,  Pantang  is  about  good  old-­‐ fashioned   story   telling.   If   you   would   like   to   have   a   good   scare   this   Halloween   and   celebrate   our   rich   local   tradition   of   ghost   stories   at   the   same   time,   come   watch   Pantang.     Some  people,  they  don’t  believe…  but  Pantang  will  make  believers  of  us  all.


Venue:  Goodman  Arts  Centre  Black  Box

Duration:  90  minutes  (no  intermission)

Dates  and  times  of  performance:     25  to  28  October,  8p.m.;  and  26  to  28  October,  3p.m.

Ticket  prices:

Evening  $32;  Matinee  $28;

Restricted  view  seats:  $22.

Discount   tickets   at   $25   for   students   and   NSFs   with   a   valid   pass   are   available   for   Matinee   shows;

Discount   tickets   at   $29.50   for   students   and   $29.50   for   NSFs   with   a   valid  pass  are  available  for  evenings  shows.

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