(Press release)

MONSTER CAT is excited to announce the release of Underwater Remix – a collection of 5 stunning electronic remixes of their hit single Underwater, and 5 corresponding visual interpretations of each new track.

“Underwater Remix” is an online release. It is available for free and can be viewed, streamed and downloaded from

The release of “Underwater Remix” will happen over the course of 5 weeks. Starting from Christmas, a new track with its accompanying artwork will be released every Tuesday. An exclusive music video, created by visual maestros Brandon Tay & Afiq Omar from Singapore-based audio-visual collective SYNDICATE, will drop on the 5th week.

“Underwater Remix” is an extensive collaboration with some of today’s most exciting music producers and visual artists. It is the first time a Singaporean rock band has attempted a collaborative project that has crossed genres, art forms and continents in this way.

The artists (music x visuals respectively) and release dates are as follows:

Cherry Chan & Kiat x Izyanti Asa’ari – 25th December 2012

Dominant Genetikz x Amy Goh – 1st January 2013

Diphasic x May Chua – 8th January 2013

Gema x Samantha Eve – 15th January 2013

Max Lane x Afiq Omar & Brandon Tay – 22nd January 2013

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