As much as we would confess to an aversion to what passes for pop music in 2016, the UK singer-songwriter Jessie J has always intrigued with her songwriting and unconventional style. There is a genuine earthy quality about Jessie J amidst the obligatory glitz and glamour of modern pop that endears, somewhat.

This corporate event brought Jessie J back to our shores, after a controversial appearance (is pop music now jazz?) at the Singapore International Jazz Festival in 2015. Non-ticketed, this branding exercise kept things simple with Jessie J backed by a four-piece backing band, highlighted as an “acoustic experience” by the media hype.

From the looks of the packed venue (6,000 people attended!), Jessie J fans were out in full force and the British diva did not disappoint with a powerhouse performance despite her obvious jet lag. During the 60-minute plus showcase, Jessie J wowed the crowd with powerful acoustic renditions of her top hits, “Price Tag”, “Flashlight” and “Bang Bang.”

She did a bang-up job with connecting with her audience as well, stopping to deliver nuggets of encouragement and taking time to single out individual fans. Even the most hardened cynics would have been moved by Jessie J’s sincerity in reaching out to her fans. Which probably explains why – beyond the dynamic songs and performance nous – Jessie J is able to command such an impressive fan base.

Pop entertainment of the highest order – this is the way to get your music to as many people as possible. Kudos.

Thanks to Universal Music Singapore for making this review possible.

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