KELLI SCARR Piece (Silence Breaks)

From fronting indie band Moonraker to writing film scores to collaborating with Moby, singer-songwriter Kelli Scarr is never afraid to explore new frontiers in her musical journey. But in her heart of hearts, Scarr is a country girl, inspired by the once small gold rush town of Folsom, CA, now turned suburban sprawl.

All this is clearly evident in Piece, a gorgeous roots-oriented vivaciously effervescent album that shines incandescently in quieter, subtle moments. There are references here and there to bygone folk singers and new wave chanteuses and one might probably be able to pinpoint irrelevant genre pigeonholes but there should not detract from the sheer power of Scarr’s music.

I’ll gladly confess that I’m rather infatuated with Kelli Scarr and her musical ruminations on life and love. PoP visitors will be aware of the soft spot I hold for country-folk especially presented by females, so its a bit of a no-brainer that Piece should impact me as deeply as it has.

There is a homespun quality about Piece that belies its other-worldly vibe, contributed largely by the instrumentation choices and Scarr’s lovely larynx. Tracks like the wistful Salt to the Sea, the Lennonesque (circa Imagine LP) Driftwood, the melancholic Pure Gold, the touching Baby Boom, the glistening soulful So Long and the fragile Come Back to Me are particularly inspiring and memorable.

Ignore the hyperbole at your peril. Piece is quite possibly one of the best albums of 2010.

Piece will be released by Silence Breaks on 27th July.


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