Friday nights at Home Club have recently been associated with relaxed nights of great music and amazingly talented bands. For the fourth installment of Identite, held every fortnight, the lineup comprised of The Sallys, Lovejets and Moods.

The Sallys are no stranger to our music community, having launched an EP, Oh Sally, in 2005. In 2008, they released their debut full length album, Fairytale – An Unlikely Story at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

Their latest track has been getting airplay on Ria 89.7FM and with a string of gigs under their belts, including Baybeats 2007, it’s no wonder there was a small turnout that grew as the night progressed.

Their music is perfect for evenings out with friends, with their Ska influences that draw listeners in and lyrics that linger long after the songs have ended. Their songs are catchy and they played songs in Malay and English, both of which were well-received by the audience.

It’s hard not to smile when the Lovejets came on and play their infections tunes to a crowd of eager listeners. It’s hard not to get drawn in, especially with their toe-tapping music riffs and heart-pounding drum beats. Couple that with smooth vocals and you have music guaranteed to get even the most conservative listener smiling to their music. The only thing missing were dancing people, although I’m pretty certain there were those inwardly dancing. I know I was!

Moods would have to be my favourite band of the night, ended the night with downtempo set comprising of original compositions and a cover from Portishead. While bands are known to be conscious of how they look on stage, Sabrina, their vocalist chose to immerse herself in the music, singing with her eyes closed and letting the emotions of the songs radiate. I haven’t heard them in awhile so I enjoyed their set and I look forward to catching them play at more shows in future.

(Text and Picture by Rebecca Lincoln)

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