The latest edition of Identite brings together three S-ROCK bands in different stages of their development. Power of Pop got in touch with the bands to get their views on the year that is almost over and the year that is to come…

Another Sunday Afternoon - 29 Dec 2011

Another Sunday Afternoon

So what has Another Sunday Afternoon been up to in 2012?

We’ve had a pretty busy year. We’ve written some new songs, gone into the studio to record that material (plus a Christmas song that is on the Christmas in Singapore CD), and are now prepping to release the CD and play a series of shows to support that.

When can we expect the new album to drop?

The Bookmark will be available on 20 December 2012! We’re currently finalising iTunes sales (and other online platforms). It’ll definitely be on sale at Home Club for Identite so look out for it then!

What will be the set be like for Identite 7.9?

We’ll be playing most (if not all) of The Bookmark and some old tunes. Our last few gigs have been acoustic ones so we can’t wait to shake off the cobwebs and get rocking again!

Iman’s League

Did you have a good 2012?

2012 was a good year for the band as 2 permanent members were added into the band..we recorded our first Malay single and we started shooting the video for the single due very soon. We also played lots more shows in 2012 as compared to the previous years..And we also managed to do a mini tour of Malaysia to end the year.

What was it like to tour Malaysia?

Touring in Malaysia was a good and memorable experience for the 3 of us. The crowds from all the 3 states (Melaka, KL, Johor) were all very supportive although we are quite a new band..We were also able to sell most of our cds and merchandise.. the organisers and the people were all very friendly and made us feel at home.

What are your plans for 2013?

Our plans for 2013 is to write more songs and hopefully to release another mini album by April 2013. We also hope to tour other parts of Asia like Australia, Sabah , Sarawak and hopefully Brunei.



Who is rocketswan and what are you about?

rocketswan is Rachael Goh, Victor Tong, Seah Wei Ping, Brian Wong and Jordan Skadiang. We try to play music we ourselves would listen to and hope that others enjoy listening as well.

What songs will u be playing at identite 7.9?

We’re excited to be playing quite a number of new songs we’ve been working on at the show, in addition to a selection of songs that some of the lovely people who listened to our first EP might be more familiar with! In light of the festive period, we’re also playing a Christmas tune we wrote specially for our shows, because everybody loves Christmas right?

What are your plans to promote the new EP?

We’re trying to play as many live shows as possible in the upcoming months, and hopefully pick up a few new listeners along the way. In the meantime we’re also working on a follow-up, to try and get more songs out there and progress as a group. We’re also auditioning for Baybeats in the new year, so we’ll see how that goes!

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