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Marvel Zombies will not allow any other opinion other than everything that Marvel Studios does is golden. Fact is Iron Man 2 & 3 were poor and Thor: The Dark World was even worse.

These deluded people cannot stand the fact that DC Films is finally getting their act together with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looking pretty good. They have criticised the movie for having too many characters.


How many characters can you see in Captain America: Civil War? TEN! Can you smell the bias? Well, make that eleven, as Spider-Man makes his highly anticipated first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

But what’s with that costume? It looks like something someone might wear for Halloween! The chevrons on the arms make Spidey look like he’s a lance corporal in Stark’s army and the eyes on his face mask squints? Why??

Well, I believe that both B v S and Civil War will be great comic book movies – my comments on the trailers notwithstanding – the proof is in the pudding, so watch the movies! Support superhero film!!!

Opens 5th May in Singapore. 

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