The new wave of singer-songwriters in the Singapore music scene has been a refreshing addition in recent times. Distinctive amongst them is Sam Driscoll, an enigmatic artist who never shies away from following his muse wherever it takes him. Let’s get to know Sam a lil better, shall we?

Why play music?

I play because it brings immense joy to me. That I’m creating something for people to hear and for them to have a positive response. It’s always nice creating something from scratch that you can be proud of. 

Who are your influences?

Music is a universal language. I’ve played with so many people who come from so many different backgrounds. Playing music has always allowed us to have common ground with one another, forgetting our differences and coming together to create something magical. 

The Beatles were the first huge influence on me. I essentially grew up listening to them. After that, I got to know Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream and The Eagles. 

I was always a fan of classical, jazz and oldies as well. Andy Williams played a big part in me wanting to become a singer. 

What is success?

Success is letting people hear my music and inspiring others to take a chance. If I leave a positive impact on just one person, I’ve been successful. 

Why should people buy your music?

I believe that my music relates to a lot of people. I write songs about issues that people face everyday. 

Also, I make a mean sandwich. 

Who do you love?

The ones who’ve supported me through everything. My mom. My friends. My dog. 

Yes, my dog. 

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

I want to make a positive impact. Spreading meaningful messages through music is a beautiful thing to do. It isn’t easy, but I’m determined to work towards it. 

Who comes to your gigs?

Music folks. My friends too, though they heckle me non-stop (which is always fun). Maybe I’ll bring my dog out to a gig of mine one day. I’m sure he’ll have a ruff time though. 

Name five favourite albums.

An Airplane Carried Me to Bed – Sky Sailing
Inside Wants Out – John Mayer
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address – B-Quartet

Parachutes – Coldplay 

Name five favourite songs.

Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
In Your Atmosphere – John Mayer
Firelight – Young The Giant
Shoebox – B-Quartet
Re:stacks – Bon Iver

How did you get here?

Courage. Drive. Persistence. 

And Noise. YouTube was always a platform for me to showcase what my music but Noise really brought everything to life. And I’m grateful. 

Catch Sam Driscoll (and Jean Tan) at Originals Sing @ Artistry on 13th April from 9pm.

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