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The Surrogates Volume 2: Flesh & Bone (Surrogates (Graphic Novels)) by Robert Venditti and Brett Wendele (Top Shelf)

Flesh & Bone is the prequel to The Surrogates GN, as Venditti and Wendele sets out the background to the basic plot points in the first series. We get to see how Harvey Greer makes detective, how the riots of 2039 occurred, how the prophet got the Dreads their own “homeland” and the more subtle explanation of the issue of underage operators.

Like the original series, the plot revolves around a criminal investigation – this time, the murder of a vagrant by surrogates operated by teenagers – but unlike the original series, the narrative downplays the sci-fi elements in favour of TV crime drama expressions.  Extremely well written, the plot twists and turns to give us the conclusion we (i.e. those of us who have read the original series) expect.

If you enjoyed the original Surrogates GN (and you will), you should check out Flesh & Bone GN to help complete the picture.

Check out the trailer video created by artist Wendele below.

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