As much as we all dig the big ticket items – like the Flaming Lips – more often than not it’s the slightly less well known bands who sometimes make the biggest impact live. This is because, with smaller audiences, fans can really get up close with their heroes, like, for example at the recent memorable gigs with the Russian Circles and Mark Kozelek.

Well, the organizers of the above events viz. KittyWu and 4imaginaryboys have combined their efforts to bring us much lauded psychedelic pop practitioners BROADCAST as the band make a quick stopover in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the very first time ahead of a tour down under.

Some background on the band –

Birmingham natives Trish Kennan and James Cargill have been the ever-present driving force behind Broadcast since 1995. Although Broadcast has taken on several different evolutions since its formation, growing to a very cosy six piece at one stage, Kennan and Cargill have always remained as Broadcast’s beating heart. Fuelled by their joint affinity for film, and electronic culture, Broadcast’s brand of electronica, samples and sci-fi synths provide a hypnotic soundtrack, balanced with the warmth of Kennan’s dreamy 60’s vocals.

Details below:

Date: 2nd December 2010

Venue: Stereolab, Singapore

Time: 9pm


S$38 Advance

S$43 Door

(All prices includes GST and handling fees)