Here’s a recommendation for old school pop-rock lovers – the new Turin Brakes’ album is a definite winner. Filled to the brim with well worked melodies and hooks, coupled with appropriate instrumentation and arrangements, with a strong acoustic guitar vibe – this is a welcome addition to the best of the new year’s release so far.

There is a soothing rustic country-folk vibe on songs like “The Quiet Ones”, “Martini” and “Jump Start” whilst tracks like “Brighter Than the Dark” and the title track, have a stronger indie rock flavour about them.

As mature songwriters, Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian touch on the experience of growing older as the songs explore the ‘inner space’ in our lives – “When we turn the telescope from the sky to within” (“Lost Property”). The last two numbers capture this theme perfectly – “Hope We Make It” seems self-explanatory and “Black Rabbit” is a dark rumination on loss.

This is a strong indie pop-rock album with insightful personal lyrics. Recommended.

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