“Nothing new under the sun” could be the concluding mantra for every single new album review in 2016. BUT that should not be the guiding principle. It’s not a question of “new” anymore but simply a case of how the artist assembles the work from disparate influential elements to create a “new” original piece of art.

Now Norwegian band Motorpsycho are no spring chickens, they have been making music since the very early 90s, and are best known as a psychedelic rock band of sorts. However, on Here Be Monsters, the band explores the progressive/space rock of Pink Floyd, Camel & Gentle Giant. Meaning – expansive synth-driven atmospheres, bluesy slide lead guitars, folky harmonic vocals and dreamy mid tempo rhythms. In contemporary terms, one could argue that Here Be Monsters fits in well with the work of Steven Wilson, Dream Theater and Marillion, and it is refreshing to witness the continuing relevance of progressive rock concepts.

From the classical “Sleepwalking” to the epic anthem “Big Black Dog”, Here Be Monsters is that rare moment in modern times – an album that deserves to be heard in its entirety!

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