The tour is done but there are still one or two updates coming in from Deon Toh.

Just when we are leaving Japan, the weather finally changes and Tokyo starts burning up. Summer has arrived. Moving all our gear and luggage to the airport wasn’t an easy task, but then again, it isn’t exactly our worst experience. Albeit, it did feel like someone turned on a giant hairdryer and aimed it at our party.

I’m writing to you onboard the Keio Line now as we head towards Narita Airport. Everyone is visibly tired, victims of the torturous weather and excessive trekking adventures through Tokyo.

Our last show at U.F.O Club wasn’t as hyped up as the other shows, and while the audience was very much different, we still enjoyed ourselves. The red walls of the venue gave a psychedelic feel to the performances, and the variety of bands on display made the night a little messy. The venue lived up to its name. We made tons of friends and moved quite a bit of merchandise. At the end of the night, I was just glad to wrap up the tour on a good note.

In my opinion, this has been a productive first tour of Tokyo. The team aimed the tour specifically at Tokyo (instead of heading to other cities) based on our strategies and also the restrictions that we faced. And… I’ll tell you more about it in the next post (also the last!). For now it’s 30 minutes more to the airport and I’ll spend it drenched in my thoughts, and sweat.

See you soon Singapore,