Episode 1: I Haven’t Told You Everything

With both LOST and 24 having finished their acclaimed runs, there is a significant gap in TV programming for a series to actually combine elements of political intrigue and epic sci-fi storytelling. Well enter: The Event.

Created by Nick Wauter (4400), The Event is a taut TV ensemble serial thriller focusing on three main plots: Sean Walker (Jason Ritter), a computer programmer, whose girlfriend is kidnapped; President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood), who must deal with detainees at Mount Inostranka; and the detainees themselves and their non-terrestrial origin.

Yes, boys and girls, ALIENS. But pretend you’re not aware as you watch this bewildering pilot with its twists and turns and its rather confusing narrative with retroversions to two different time frames. It did become a little annoying after awhile but ultimately effective to convey the confusion that the characters must have been experiencing in the lead up to the titular event.

I must say that I enjoyed this first episode although I was a little disappointed that the ALIENS looked too ordinarily human. At the end, there’s quite a lot of questions left unanswered so there’s enough material to keep us viewers intrigued in the episodes to come.

Well, the series has already broadcast its 5th episode so bear with us as Power of Pop plays catch-up. Will be a fun ride…