Episode 2: To Keep Us Safe

Wow! This series is really bugging me! I mean, so many questions, so few answers.

Okay, some answers concerning the ALIENS: –

1. 97 of them were captured from a crash site in 1944.

2. Their DNA is 1% different from human DNA. For one thing, they age very slowly. (They look the same as now as they did 60 odd years ago!)

3. There are others besides the 97 who are out there in the world.

4. They were responsible for saving the President’s life at the end of the pilot episode. Therefore, they possess amazing tech!

5. Agent Lee is one of THEM! (The humans are unaware of course)

The questions mainly revolve around poor old Sean Walker (Josh Ritter). Who is behind the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Leila and now framing him for murder? Are they the same people who killed the survivors of the plane crash (including Leila’s father, Mike) or was it the other ALIENS?

Yes, I am totally intrigued by this series and completely identifying with the Sean Walker character – he has simply no idea why this is happening to him and his loved ones. No clue, whatsoever. I guess the audience is in the same boat as Walker.

What is also interesting is that there are various interest groups being revealed in the series – the US government, the captive ALIENS, the free ALIENS and the unknown group responsible for the attempt on the President’s life. Loving it… hopefully the series can stay its course for at least the 1st season…