Life is full of surprises. A year ago, I was preparing for a change in ‘career’ direction by teaching part-time at Republic Polytechnic (thanks again to Chloe), which I hoped would provide a platform for greater involvement in the S-ROCK scene. Well, tomorrow Cheating Sons and yours truly flies off for the band’s first tour of China! Together with the band’s recent sojourn to Korea, we are hopeful that the upcoming performances in Shanghai and Zhenjiang will open more doors for Cheating Sons as an international band rather than just a Singapore rock band.

Thankfully, it appears that at least we will be kept busy in the eight days we are in China meeting folks from the China indie music scene so that all the time, effort and expense would have been worth it. I guess at this point in time, all that has been done to prepare for this upcoming week has been done and now it’s just a question of executing those plans best that we can. Personally, I am looking forward to my first trip to China ever and to finding out first hand what the burgeoning China indie music scene is all about. I intend to chronicle my time in China – utilizing Lunarin’s Duae journal (see above) – as much as possible for an article in TODAY as well as for future reference.

Which means, of course, that Power of Pop will fall silent for about a week but I hope that you will continue to visit the site and check out the over 2,250 posts that can be found here. It behooves me to mention that thanks to MDA (hi May!) part of the expenses of putting this tour together will be covered and I am hopeful that more financial support will be forthcoming in the months and years ahead. However, the main responsibility in making Cheating Sons a viable international success lies with the band and yours truly and this tour will definitely be an acid test of the band’s music and ability. Frankly, we are looking forward to meeting the challenge head on. We’ll see you on the other side.

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